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by Kyle

Common Point of Access to Social Services also known as COMPASS is an online application that makes it easy for Georgia residents to apply for social benefits at www.compass.ga.gov. The site is easy to manage if you have an account there and a computer connected to the internet. The benefits that impoverished or unemployed persons can access include food stamps, Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), child support among others. It is possible to change your benefits on the site as long as you are eligible for other benefits.

From your COMPASS account at www.compass.ga.gov , you will not only view information about your benefits but also renew it. Renewal is also known as recertification, re-application or redetermination. A renewal is a general review of changeable eligibility factors to determine if a client will remain qualified for the current benefits. If you receive a “Renewal Notice”, you can use the COMPASS online application to renew your eligibility for the current befits you receive. The renewal notice will be mailed to you. The notice has all the necessary information about the COMPASS Renewal process including how to logon to the COMPASS e-Form.

Whenever recipients of the COMPASS benefits are submitting their renewals electronically, they may also submit their verification documents online. This is via the COMPASS Attach Scanned Documents (ASD) feature for particular benefits. The status of a renewal cannot be checked on COMPASS for security purposes. You can however, use your password or identification at www.compass.ga.gov to check on the status of your application after it is submitted or to suspend the renewal for up to 180 days to gather additional information.

Renewing benefits at the COMPASS online application, needy residents of Georgia can live a more comfortable life even with their low incomes. The notice system about the renewal time allows the recipients to make changes to their accounts at www.compass.ga.gov in any time of the day or night. With the numerous benefit programs at Georgia’s Department of Human Services (DHS), people of all status can benefit who include children, the elderly, disabled and any low income earning citizen. Remember that you need a COMPASS online account and be eligible for particular benefits if you wish to undergo the recertification or renewal process. Note the address on the screen where you can fax or mail any needed verification. Face to face interviews may be required only for some programs.

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